8 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo?


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Travel solo for your soul!

Travel has been mankind’s necessity from the ages.

Most of us humans, travel, sometimes with family, sometimes with friends.

But most people still frown upon the idea of solo travel.

And they have their own reasons to do so.

Some say they are afraid of getting bored, some accept that they are afraid of all the bad things that may happen and many have unique and absurd responses.

What they do not realize is the root of all these reasons is their comfort zone & familiarity to it.

Most argue it is risky to travel alone, and they are right but there are many other risky things in life which we do more often, like driving, texting while walking, cooking, and going to work.

Yet we do these things mostly without a sense of danger.

Well, my friend, the risk is real & it’s everywhere, in everything, in different forms & different degrees. But more than experienced, it is perceived.

We see it in some things and we don’t in some. So I guess it’s safe to say that risk is real but it becomes our reality when it is perceived.

The risk is only real when perceived.

If you wish to perceive the risk with solo travel and yet decide to do it or if you don’t see any risk in it, in both cases, there are few reasons why it would be one of the best decisions of your life.

Here’s what solo travel would do to you.

Expand your comfort zone

Think of it as a circle and the circumference as the boundary, you rarely go beyond the boundary unless you just have to, for some reason which is beyond your control. But your trip beyond the boundary is seldom self-driven. No matter what is your reason to push your boundaries, but it always makes you end up with a bigger circle. In simple words, you grow as you make your circle of comfort expand. Traveling alone would push you in many ways. Unlike traveling with groups, you will be responsible for yourself. You can’t rely on someone to wake you up, to remind you of things and to look after your luggage when you go to the loo. From planning the travel to dealing with delayed trains to lack of high-speed internet to the missed breakfast upon waking up late, and any other problems which are part of solo travel, It will be just you. And you’ll deal with all and know that You Are Enough!

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Make You Self-reliant & Self-sufficient

The journey wouldn’t be lonely, there will be people, strangers, which you will learn to talk to and make new friends. But at the end, the only person you can rely on would be you. Before the company of anyone else, you will have your own. It will be uncomfortable at first and then it will be comfortable. You’ll learn to rely on yourself in tough situations. And also learn the wholeness of your being and discover your capabilities. You will not have to have the company of someone else to go on the next trip. You’ll be able to go alone, you’ll be self-sufficient.


The best outcome of traveling solo is self-discovery. Now, don’t expect it to happen altogether at once, in your first solo trip. It will come in parts but the first solo trip will start the process. When you are alone or around people of whom you don’t care what they think of you. You shed masks, you shed shame, you shed social fears. In these times you are the RAW you. And as early in life, you experience this side of you, the better. Knowing self to a better degree than you were used to, will be a great help always in making important decisions in life.

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New Friends From Different Cultures

Traveling solo will open up opportunities to meet with other people, not only from the country you are visiting but also travelers from around the world. If you just talk, you’ll make many friends from varied cultures and get insight into their way of living. And also I feel, solo travelers bond easier with each other.

Boost Self-Confidence

During the travel, there will be one moment when you will feel, I DID IT. And a reflection would ensue. Which would be like.. I came this far, I will do the rest of it too. And if I can do this, I can do so many other things too. Nothing boost self-confidence more than action-induced reflection.

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Positivity In Life

Lasting positivity doesn’t come from the repeated affirmations but from positive actions and personal growth.
Solo travel not only makes your outlook on life positive but also create lasting joy.

Personal Growth

The general opinion of growth for a person is his professional growth or his wealth creation. But growing as a person is hardly ever thought about. Experiences induce such growth. And solo travel is one such experience which will make you grow personally.

Renewed you

Life gets monotonous, no matter what you do. And you keep cringing for something new in life but like Albert Einstein has said: “If you want different results, do not do the same things. So do new things and take risks. Life is too short to wait for the future “Someday”. Make that “Someday” happen today. With solo travel, you’ll be pushing boundaries, conquer fears and enjoy a never-before freedom and I bet no matter how good you do as a first-time solo-traveler, you’ll never come back the same person. You’ll be refreshed and renewed.

Bon Voyage!


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