See your city like a traveler to be better at travel photography

Travel photography is the broadest of all genres of photography. It includes landscapes, people, architecture and even street photos. However, what sets apart travel photos from others is the intention of the photographer. When you are doing travel photography, the purpose of the photograph is to document the side of the place which makes the viewer want to visit the place or creates a sense of wonder in him.

No doubt for amazing travel photos, you would want to go to amazing locations.

But what about your own city? Let’s talk a bit about it.

There can be two scenarios here.

Travel photography in Delhi
Seagulls at Yamuna Ghat

You live in a city which attracts travelers

If you live in a city where people come to travel. You are already in a place where you can do travel photography. Like street photography doesn’t mean shooting in streets, travel photography doesn’t mean the photographer must travel.

For example, I live in Delhi and can click travel photos in my city.

Lodhi Garden, Delhi
Lodhi Garden, Delhi

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You live in a city where no one travels to

In today’s world, there is hardly any place left untouched by the travelers. But if you happen to be in such a place. It can be a blessing in disguise.

Because you can have access to places and elements which are never before seen by the photography world. What it means is that you can create unique photos.

Obviously, it takes conscious efforts to explore the city and look for things to shoot. But I’m sure you would find plenty of travel photography opportunities if you try.

Why see your city like a traveler?

When you travel to a new city, you are in the exploration mode. You don’t know the city and you try to know. When I am in a new city I observe the smallest details like What is the color of taxis? or What color uniform do taxi drivers wear? and many other details. Which often lead me to interesting scenes to shoot.

So when you look at your own city like a traveler, you refresh your perspective. Which results in more travel photo opportunities.

Signature Bridge, Delhi
A bridge in Delhi

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How does it make you better at travel photography?

Travelling won’t make you a better photographer. It takes time to develop an understanding of a place and hone your skills as a travel photographer. But when it is your own city, you have an advantage over someone who is coming from a far off place as the city is more accessible to you and the expenses involved are fairly low.
That would mean you will create more work at low cost.

Yamuna, Delhi
Morning at Yamuna

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Certainly, this article is not meant to discourage you from traveling. But if you are someone who can’t travel at this point in time, exploring your city as a traveler can keep your photography going. And it can be very rewarding in terms of skill development.

Have you ever explored your city as a traveler? Share your experience in the comments.



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