5 ways you are hurting your creativity

Your creativity might be getting hurt by your own subtle unconscious actions. These actions can limit your vision and prevent you from gaining a fresh perspective. We all face creative blocks at times. But if you’re feeling a constant dearth of new ideas, it can be your own doing. Below are the few things which might be the reason.

All reading and no action

With the availability of the vast amounts of information these days. It is easy to fall prey to the click-bait-ey links. There are a lot of articles out there which seem to hold the most important information about photography. Though it is rarely the case.

Even if we leave those apart, there is a ton of useful information as well. But the problem is that it gives us a feeling of not being prepared enough to go out and shoot. You will always feel there is something you still need to know to take great images.

But we often forget that creativity isn’t a discipline like physics or mathematics.

So read good articles, note down what you learned, but go out there and shoot and use what you have learned. Create more than you read.

Abstract Flowers
Abstract Flowers

Lack of Reflection

On the contrary to the above point, you may be the person who shoots a lot of photos. And you may be well versed with your camera and can dial any settings reflexively without even looking at the screen.

All this is great but you must look at your photos and analyze them. Try to find things you can improve. Or if a photo is great then find what makes it great so that you can do it again.

This reflection upon your work helps you refine your process and fuels your creativity. However, the lack of it can lead to a creative block.

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Delhi, India
Delhi, India

Your work is losing your “self”

The biggest disadvantage of social media is that it subconsciously drive your creative choices. Subconsciously you start leaning towards photos that get a lot of likes.

For example- If you post a photo on Instagram which gets likes beyond your expectations. And if that makes you happy. You would want to create more such posts. Why? The dopamine.

Basically, dopamine is the reason why you would get addicted to substances like alcohol, nicotine, and also a good number of Instagram likes.

So how does it make you lose your ‘self’ from your work?

It’s simple, you start taking photos which people like instead of those which you like. And sadly, sometimes you start believing you like what gets a lot of likes.

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And how does that hurt your creativity?

If you take only photos which you know are going to get good likes, then mostly you are not trying new things and not going out of your comfort zone. It narrows your vision and soon you run out of things to do or get bored.

Qutub Minar, Delhi, India
Qutub Minar, Delhi

Choosing a genre way too early

Sometimes, we start calling ourselves street/travel/portrait photographer way too early. If you haven’t tried different types of photography, you have restricted your learning and narrowed your photographic vision. Choosing a genre too early can limit your creativity.

Also, if you associate yourself with one type of photography you subconsciously restrain yourself from taking shots you want to which do not fall in your ‘chosen’ genre.

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Impostor Syndrome

Do you ever feel you have succeeded so far because of luck and not because of your talent or skills? Also, you feel a fear that people would find this out and you’ll be caught as an impostor, a fraud.

If so, these feelings are known as impostor syndrome.

Abstract Trees
Abstract Trees

These feelings make you doubt your abilities. It may result in a lack of confidence and motivation. As there is a fear of being caught as a fraud, you start subconsciously avoiding situations where you feel you will be. You stop going out of your comfort zone and greatly limit your creativity.

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There can be many things you do unconsciously which can hinder your creative growth. Being aware of these things gives you an insight into what may be the underlying cause for your lack of motivation. Hope this information helps you.

Unleash your creativity!



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